Deeper - Transform - Overflow


Overflow with His love

He and his whole household were added to their number.

Creekside wants to overflow in a way that impacts those we call family. Whether it is at the holidays or reunion, a wedding or a funeral: we want our families to see a difference in us. To know that we love them and to see the refreshing joy of a life resting in the arms of the true Father.

He has called us friends.

Whether we have known them since grade school or just met them in the last year. Those that we call friends should experience something special when they call us friend. We want to pour into Creekside members in a way that empowers them to overflow with God's love and causes their friends to know: 'there is something different about Christ followers.'

That they may see your good deeds and glorify the Father.

At Creekside, we believe work is worship for many reasons. One reason is that God has placed us in the work place to serve in such a way that our co-workers give glory to God. We want to be people that others love to work with.

The second greatest command.

"What if Jesus meant we should love our actual neighbors." We want to refresh Creekside members to be a source of living water to their neighbors. We want to be a blessing to our neighbors: sharing with, mowing for, listening to, supporting...loving our neighbors.

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