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ReachOut is an exciting journey that has been carved out for the Creekside Church. In 2012, we began an effort to unify our time, talents, and resources to ReachOut to our community and the world.

Since 2012, Creekside has continued to grow as a ReachOut church. We celebrate the great strides we have seen since this financial commitment has been made. Over the first three years we have seen a dramatic increase in our giving both individually and collectively as a faith community. Most importantly, we have become a church that is financially, spiritually, and physcially driven to ReachOut to each other, our community, and the world. ReachOut is a prioritization for living with a focus on the eternal and not the earthly.

Local ReachOut
Cancer Support
Welcome Ministry
Summer Food Program
BeChurch Ennis
Unity Park
Big Hope
Christmas Angels
First Look
Vacation Bible School
Fall Festival
Global ReachOut

Kent Marcum

We support this ministry in the large city of Quito, Ecuador that supports a bible school, orphanage, medical missions, and the local church.

Arapal Christian Camp & Give a Goat

Our mission in Arapal is to help children with cleft palate receive nutrition, become healthy, and have potentially life saving corrective surgery.

Our mission with Give a Goat is to provide families in the Philippines with a goat and education to care for it. Over the years, this can be a life changing source of milk and income.

Scott and Lisa Harris

African Outreach Mission serves the people of Mozambique in many different ways. The ECHO project serves the children of Mozambique.

Steven & Jocelyn Hill

The Hill's are working with local translators to translate the Bible. We celebrated with them in September of 2015 as the New Testament was made available and dedicated in 6 new languages.

Steve & Gil Raine

We support the mission in New Zealand to provide the Pacific Bible College, Rahab Ministry (to young women in the sex trade in the Pacific rim), with a vision toward planting and supporting churches throughout the Pacific Rim.

Christian Mission

Creekside supports over 45 children to receive a bible based education and two healthy meals a day through the Togo Christian Mission.

Pioneer Bible Translators

Working in support of missionaries around the world through Holland Family Ministries to provide community support to some of the worlds most impoverished people groups.

Benevolence ReachOut

Serving Needs When Tough Times Strike

Our benevolence ministry works in coordination with Local ReachOut to provide financial, education, and long-term planning support for members and community members facing challenging financial times.

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